One of the first memes and longest-running. It started as an ironic admiration of Binks by Liam and Kyle in Grade 8, then continued onto Grade 9 with the fan-made Jar Jar Binks site Liam tried to make, the wish that Kosovo would become an independent nation so that jarjarbin.ks could be used, the discovery of Mr Scott's Jar Jar Binks mask and Liam's use of that as a profile picture. In Grade 10 he was deified in the Grade 10 3ms religion as the Creator God and Ultimate Good. Kyle was in the process of writing a gospel - The Witness of Binks - about him, which is lost to history, however these quotes remain:

"And I will give them all to you, The Triads, to the Children of Voxelonia. And you will mock their words and burn their assignments with fire. You will construct monuments from the kneecaps of the wicked."

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